It is realized that not every family can afford the total cost of a week’s vacation at Maranatha. For that purpose, a financial assistance program has been established to help families that are currently experiencing financial need. This fund is made possible through the donations of people who have experienced Maranatha and understand the impact that it can have on a person’s spiritual life. As a result, they want to help those of less fortunate circumstances experience this ministry.

Financial need will be the defining criteria for consideration of scholarship recipients. It is anticipated that a number of causes for such need may exist including but not limited to loss of employment or similar short-term financial crisis, physical/emotional/mental limitations that cause long-term financial hardship and/or single parenthood or similar family circumstances that have accompanying financial difficulties.

Funds for this endowed program are limited on an annual basis. The granting of funds will be determined by a committee made up of the Executive Director, the Financial Director and at least one other member of the staff Leadership Team. It is anticipated that not every request can be granted. Therefore, the committee will likely have to deny some applicants simply because funds are not available and not because a particular need is not considered worthy.

For more information, contact the Guest Services Manager at 231-798-2161 ext. 1145 or