Week Five, 2020

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Bryndan Loritts

Sunday 7/26 AM:

Topic: Psalm 113: Praise!

Sunday 7/26 PM:

Topic: Psalm 12:1-6: The Struggle is Real

Monday 7/27 PM:

Ephesians 3:7-13: The Glory of the Gospel

Tuesday 7/28 PM:

Topic: Acts 17:16-21 What It Means To Be an Effective Witness

Wednesday 7/29 PM:

Topic: Mark 10:46-52: Ever Person Matters To Jesus! He Cares, He Cares, He Cares!

Thursday 7/30 PM:

Topic: Luke 10:1-12: Commissioned!


Bill Crowder

Monday 7/27 AM:

Topic: Jonah 1: A Successful Failure

Tuesday 7/28 AM:

Topic: Jonah 1:17 The Credibility of Scripture & Jonah 2: Is God Capable?

Wednesday 7/29 AM:

Topic: Jonah 3: Jonah Take Two

Thursday 7/30 AM:

Topic: Jonah 4: Jonah’s Anger and God’s Compassion for ALL People